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Inspiring – Wonderful – Our Latest

Pat Vint was born blind. Throughout her life she continued to strive to improve her sight. At 65, after a career as a child and family therapist, she cured her Nystagmus with Vision Therapy and a proceedure called MST. At 67, she experienced the world in 3 dimensions for the first time.

Intensly personal. Pat takes us on a joyful and frightening journey of discovery, revealing that we never need stop growing and learning.

The Nacho Mama Books – Touching and Tawdry

Seashell Virgin

Mystery, Wit & Drag Queens

Homo Heroes vs Politico Ponce Brothers

Fast paced fun. Touching and tawdry. Churchies, crooks, and rapscallions scheme to close our only gay bar, rape a forest, and get rich with a gay hating charter school. Break-ins, kidnapping, threats, blackmail, bondage, and the most spectacular drag show the world has ever seen, thrill and delight you as the anti-heroes from Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe once more answer the call to set things straight, as it were.

Any Summer Sunday at Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe

The saga begins

Damaged drag diva falls for bad guy. What’s a friend to do? Laughs, loves, bit of bitchy, tad of tawdry. Fun read.

Who Plugged the Dyke?

In 10 days she’ll be the 1st in your face lesbian judge elected in homo-hating Indiana. But someone is trying to kill her and her little dog, too.

Middle Grade Mystery
& Ghost Story

Funny. Exciting. Some gross situations.

Ghost girl needs to find her body with help from an unhappy kid, a crazy cat lady and a bunch of ghosts. Dodging axe-swinging ghouls and floods, Nate & Mattie race against time.