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A.S.S. Salutes Gay Pride  Month  with Release of First Book   

April 16, 2019  
Bloomington,   IN LLC   today   announced the release date, June 21, 2019 – the first day of  summer in  the  
50 year celebration of Stonewall, of it’s  inaugural, namesake  book –  Any Summer  Sunday at Nacho Mama’s Patio  Cafe  :Drag, Songs, Friends, Laughs,  Lies, Danger &  Rescue.
The book is a joyous dance of song, drag queens, laughs, lies, a touch of tawdry and long time friends,   whirls  you –  funny and thoughtful, leaving some bruises &  scratches,  but  always a with  smile and a kiss. Join in as they  gripe, grope and grapple for love, life & and satisfaction.

Steve Schatz, former college prof   turned  author said, “When I did my grad work, I moved from San  Francisco  to small town  Indiana. It was…shall we say, different.  This is a state  that elected a homophobic governor. I’m not sure  what happened to him –  he’s probably living  with his man-crush in obscurity.”

Any   Summer  Sunday grew out of those years. It is set in 2005. While  Stonewall  brought pride  and visibility to gays, in small town  American, the gay  community was (and in  many places, still is) quiet  outside of the bar.  Inside, however, is where we  can let our hair  down and put our pumps on.  Schatz says, “The bar has long been  a  social center of gay culture.  Remember, Stonewall was a gay bar, tits full  of  drag queens. Any Summer  Sunday celebrates that milieu.”

Every Sunday evening, TiaRa del Fuego’s Parade of Gowns drag shows present the best entertainment in our little, Indiana college town in   Hoosier Daddy, the only gay bar around.    

Between sets, we gathered for drinks and nachos at Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe.  Trading lies, jokes, adventures, celebrations and   sorrows, our merry band relished the life of the small town gay, safe in the  bosom of long-time friends.

Then TiaRa announced she   had found “true” love – yet again and was   leaving to be with her latest amour. Disaster loomed.

How far  should you go to save a friend from her own desires?   Over the   course of the evening, the Entrepreneur, the Lush, the Boys, the   Spy,   the Southern Belle, the Fixer and the Storyteller struggle to help TiaRa find joy because that is what friends do for friends.

Schatz said, “ASS is a  celebration  of  music, life and friends. It’s that laugh when you  realize what a weird  world we  inhabit.  Think Boys in the Band  meets La Cage. It’s a book  for anyone who  has ever felt  different.”

For ARCs, Interviews and more information,  contact:
Steve Schatz


Media Kit at: or download at Far Will You Go to Save a Friend From Her Own Desires?

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