Any Summer Sunday at Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe … the saga begins

Touching and Tawdry

Friends, Drag Queens, Love, & Betrayal

TiaRa del Fuego is in love.

She met the perfect man online and is leaving it all behind to fly into his arms. No more Sorceress of Song and grand diva of the Parade of Gowns drag show in our little Indiana college town. Tia, dear and damaged is queen of two absolutes. 1) Doing things to songs and shows no one else could even imagine. 2) Choosing men who are reliably, invariably and irredeemably bad.

As friends, we had to rise up and valiantly protect her from her own desires. But what do to? Between drinks, songs and nachos we only had one evening to plan and execute a rescue from a Tia-less future.