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Ebooks are not bought

Very interesting article by Michael Kozlowski. I never knew this. You don’t BUY an ebook, you license its use. So, if you “buy” from a store that goes out of business, you lose the ebook. To be clear, when you buy ASS from me, I will happily send you the file. You will own […]

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Press Release 4/16/19

—— PRESS RELEASE ——A.S.S. Salutes Gay Pride  Month  with Release of First Book    April 16, 2019   Bloomington,   IN LLC   today   announced the release date, June 21, 2019 – the first day of  summer in  the   50 year celebration of Stonewall, of it’s  inaugural, namesake  book –  Any Summer  Sunday at Nacho Mama’s Patio  Cafe  […]

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Parents protesting gay books

How is this still a thing? The second most protested book was John Oliver’s book poking fun at Pence’s kids book. Normalize the idea. Don’t teach them gay is different, weird, wrong. Look for similarities, not differences. The preferences don’t matter unless you happen to be thinkin about having sex.

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