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Local Author’s Book Selected in Quarterfinals of Screencraft Cinematic Book Competition

January 14, 2020 Bloomington, Indiana

Any Summer Sunday at Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe written by Bloomington author Steve Schatz, has been selected from over 1,200 entries as a quarterfinalist in Screencraft’s Cinematic Book Competition ( ). The competition, judged by literary agents from three major agencies (Gersh, United Talent and 3 Arts Entertainment), is open to books with “cinematic adaptation potential”.

Steve Schatz is a former college professor turned author. Any Summer Sunday is set in Hoosier Daddy, the only gay bar in Magawatta, Indiana, a fictional college town (based on Bloomington) in 2007. Over an evening of drama, music, and verbal jousting during TiaRa del Fuego’s Parade of Gowns drag show, the Entrepreneur, the Lush, the Boys, the Spy, the Southern Belle, the Fixer and the Storyteller struggle to decide – How far should you go to save a friend from her own desires?

Any Summer Sunday is Schatz’s third novel. Two young adult fantasy/adventure books, Adima Rising and Adima Returning, were published by Absolute Love Publishing. “A.S.S. is a change of pace for me. It’s for adults and character driven. The entire story takes place over the space of one evening. It’s a bit on the tawdry side. However, like my other books, it celebrates the importance of friends and the importance and impact of taking action.”

Schatz moved to Bloomington in 2005 to complete his PhD in Education. He then moved to the East coast and was on faculty at University of Hartford and University of Massachusetts. In 2018, he and his husband returned to Bloomington.

The book is a joyous dance of song, drag queens, hopes, fears, laughs, lies, a touch of tawdry and the power of long time friends. Schatz said, “Any Summer Sunday is a celebration of music, life and friends. It embraces that laugh when you shake your head and realize, yet again, what a wonderfully weird world we inhabit. It’s Boys in the Band meets Le Cage. It’s a book for anyone who needs a smile, a rant, a tear or a hug that says everything will be ok.

For more information, contact: Steve Schatz | 765.346.9227


A.S.S. Salutes Gay Pride Month with Release of First Book

April 4, 2019 Bloomington, IN LLC today announced the release date, June 21, 2019 – the first day of summer in the 50 year celebration of Stonewall, of it’s inaugural, namesake book – Any Summer Sunday at Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe.

The book is a funny and touching celebration of gays, drag queens, songs, performance and, above all, friendship in a small, Indiana college town.

Steve Schatz, president and author said, “We’ve seen great progress in the 50 years since Stonewall, when the gays stormed out of that bar and into the streets. But in small town America, in states like Indiana where our homophobic VP was governor, the gay community is still quiet outside of the bar. Inside, however, is where we can let our hair down and put our pumps on. Any Summer Sunday is a celebration of the close friendships and mutual support that everyone of any proclivity needs.”

Every Sunday, the same group of friends gather to trade stories, laughs and lies at Nacho Mama’s Patio Cafe, inside the town’s only gay bar, Hoosier Daddy. Pop inside the slightly soiled venue and TiaRa del Fuego’s Parade of Gowns Drag Show provides the entertainment – a tits-full evening of fun and song with an ample spicing of nasty.

However, on this particular summer Sunday, dear broken TiaRa, announces she has found love… yet again…and is leaving posthaste. Disaster looms. The friends must decide how far they will go to save their friend from her own desires.

Schatz said, “It’s a funny book. A special, touching book for anyone who has ever felt different. Think Boys in the Band meets La Cage. It’s a celebration of music, life and friends.


Steve Schatz